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A Brockhampton For The Ages: 90 second read
by Farriz Mashudi 26 June 2020
National Trust Brockhampton
Brockhampton Estate

Too late to blame the millennials. These days it’s ‘Gen Z’ causing a crick in my neck of the woods.

Classified by Bloomberg as ages 8 to 23, Brockhampton to them is nothing to do with a romantic timber-framed house in the country bursting with character. It’s a rap band. A RAP GROUP, if you like… Quite; and they’ve nothing to do with cling film either, mind you.

What WOULD the Squire have said?

Brockhampton illuminated at least the name of his quaint Elizabethan manor with their critically acclaimed 2019 album. The first of five in a multimillion-dollar deal with RCA, a 2020 edition is in the works, even if their UK and beyond tour had to be postponed recently due to global events.

In a galaxy far removed from our bucolic hamlet populated by historic breeds of Hereford cattle and Ryeland sheep, the other Brockhampton was born in a suburban Texas street from whence hails the eponymous ensemble’s charismatically shy front-man, Kevin Abstract. Stoic in the face of being black and coming out gay in the 21st Century, who’d have thought what hip-hop and the Tudors had in common was being homophobic?

Brockhampton, the band

An ashen Bearface from Belfast, and literally a bunch more members of various ethnicity who met on the internet, complete the line-up. Their Brockhampton brand is relevant, thumping, and bursting with energy.

Cross to the country estate where teenagers arriving with National Trust card-thumping parents prefer to wait in the car and clamour for WIFI to listen to Brockhampton, the band.

Over-the-hill volunteers like myself could be forgiven for finding this new reality relatively ‘alternative’. What wonders might they do for our derelict Norman chapel? Only circa 1160, music industry money could fund plenty of preservation.

So, why not to Brockhampton at Brockhampton?

We could at least play their music.

Can’t imagine we’d ever be ready to host a Brockhampton festival here though, even without a raging pandemic…

Would the lilies in the moat quake in their roots?

Photo by Diego Madrigal on

1,700 acres a bit of a squeeze? Would mayhem ensue if stray hips hopped into the manor? Like the band, no one could say we weren’t breaking new ground. It would be INSANE. We could forget worrying about ‘No WIFI’ in the car park, what with Brockhampton LIVE.

The whole place would be very alive, indeed.

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