A Climatic Misadventure (Part 2 to ‘The Perfect Match’): 70 second read by Farriz Mashudi 30/06/2020

Photo by Juanjo Menta

La Niña was in truth a temperate, slow-burning sort.

Prone to both hot and cold flushes, the ‘tempestuous temptress’ label was ill deserved.

Yet again, she bore the brunt of her brother’s fiery reputation.

It was El Niño that was the family hot-blood, not she.

Hopefully, Jack would understand, even if this evil Gaia woman persisted in refusing to appreciate the distinction. What was it with Greek matriarchs?  

Why did they need Aunty Gaia’s approval anyway?

Who made her the boss?

The answers to these concerns, however, would only be the tip of the iceberg. The question La Niña was more interested in is: What made Gaia the way she was?

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

A great beauty in her younger days, tragically, she wasn’t amongst those destined to age well, let alone gracefully. Wrinkles in time creased her stony face, stretched to the limits and plumped as it was with plastics and chemical infills. Her heart too, was grown increasingly hardened by a life of mounting disappointment, to which poor Jack could now count himself a contributor. Her condition previously unstable at best, when he and Skadi didn’t hit it off, Gaia’s depression spiralled, hitting rock bottom.

There was no winning with her, was there?

The old woman may have meant well, but the constant meddling in other people’s affairs made her an epic nuisance. Gaia was Public Enemy No.1, as far as La Niña was concerned, preferring to call her by an extension of her Roman name: Terra-ble.

“You can’t say that, not out loud,” Jack chided. “She’s turned into a snowflake now.”

Photo by Yigithan Bal

Hypersensitive to the slightest criticism and her constitution delicate to the nth degree (particularly if anything wasn’t a 110% ‘PC’) — with her maternal nature upset, her intuition and self-belief undermined, the Greek Mama’s earthly energies were turning self-destructive.  

“We couldn’t just pretend to not be a thing, could we?”

For British scientist, Dr. Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, and what to expect from a coming Novacene: Click here.

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