The Grumpy Naturalist

The Rooster Who Was Chicken – Part 1 : A take on the photo essay by Farriz Mashudi 13/09/2020

So, I’m called Hugo. Not a name that particularly suits me, I’m not boss at all. More of a ‘Cai’; it means rejoice, in Welsh, is gender neutral – always good to be PC, sounds rather hipster, and now, don’t you think? Apparently ‘Kai’ means chicken in Cantonese?
I’m definitely not a ‘Hunter’ or a ‘Leo’, but I could live with ‘Coop’.
That’s Dad on the left. He’s convinced I’m not his. Mum is . . . Well, she’s mum about it.
And this here, fine specimen, would be Moose. He only hates me with all his guts.

Moose and I faced off recently. It didn’t go so well . . .
How was this, my fault, then?
Still, it’s me that gets barred, while Moose–
— Gets to gloat.
– AND gets the girl.

Photo credits from the top: Engin Akyurt, VisionPic, Zahaoha, James Wheeler, Pixabay, Rachel Vine, Pixabay again, cottonbro, Caleb Oquendo, cottonbro again.

Does Hugo dare to come out, when he’s let loose?

As they (used to) say in Hollywood STAY TUNED.

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Cockerels are the hardest to re-home, says the RSPCA.

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