The Grumpy Naturalist

The Rooster Who Was Chicken – Part 2 : by Farriz Mashudi 14/09/2020

Nope, not them . . .
Definitely, NOT.
Who talks anymore? Sharing’s for wimps.
Now, this is more us. – Hotheads. Besties when we’re fighting.

Alpha male, King of all he sees . . . This is what Moose is, in his head.
We tried sharing, and playing nice like this.
There’s nothing abstract about it . . .
We’ve been fighting since for ages.
Shoot or be shot? Dominate, or leave.
Isn’t this is what happens to pacifists?

Photo credits from top: Chevanon Photgraphy, Pixabay 1, 2, Blacktator, Domain Pictures, cottonbro 1, Victoria Borodinova, Haste LeArtV., Maria Pop, Lukas, Erik Mclean, and cottonbro 2 below.

Hugo contemplates his options:

Send Hugo your vote in the comments –

A. Fight it out and risk death? He could die trying.

B. Find his own territory elsewhere? Beat a retreat, be moved, again.

C. Live & Let Live – Continue being henpecked? Wasn’t helping with the ladies.

D. Try something different. But WHAT?

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