Idiots : 40 second read by Farriz Mashudi 06/10/2020

It matters what you call things.*

The pot that calls the kettle black.

The fish that rots from the head.

The sunflower that droops for being too big for its stem.

The books that don’t get read. — What do you call those? Dead words, dust collectors, waste of space; good intention and ambition, or just . . . pretension?

“You IDIOT,” the foul-mouthed woman hurls at her child. Repeatedly, day in, day out at the smallest transgressions. Guess what becomes of him?

“You’re always doing this,” the man says to his wife, blurting it out each time without thinking. As thoughtless as she was, he too, was always doing it. They’re divorced now.

Don’t tell me what I’m not. Tell me what I can be.

Call me: smart, caring, kind, full of empathy.

I can be these things.

When you call me these things, it becomes you — and I will become it.

* Line extracted from the novel, Silver Sparrow, by award-winning American author, Tayari Jones

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