The Confessional : 45 second read by Farriz Mashudi 01/12/2020

I’m happy to say today has been a revelation on an existential aspect previously ailing me. The subject of a prior pointed complaint, it’s gone some way in restoring my faith in humanity. A resounding ‘HALLELUJAH!’ goes to the warm, kind-hearted, listening Arab woman doctor who tended to me at Al Ahli Specialists. From Syria the nurse said. She actually called me ‘dear’. A minor miracle so far as I was concerned. So startled was I hearing it, I rattled off my entire history. And she duly recorded it (sending further shocks to the system). What made her different towards me compared to others of a similar medical fraternity? Must make it my mission now to find out.

Photo by Kat Jayne

            Friends had also suggested the Sidra Women’s Hospital where the doctors being American trained, weren’t wont to discriminate. I’m yet to try them out, but am curious to see for myself if there’s any marked difference.

            Until then shall we hope for the best and keep an open mind (as well as the faith) at each medical encounter?  Or religiously maintain a Machiavellian approach to health which warrants that all protections be observed with clinical focus, even if it means stereotyping against doctors?

What are we looking at here — a single patient’s slippery slope . . . or a more general and malignant moral dilemma?              

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