Historical / Time Travel:
Loosely following on from Sir Hugh Clifford’s,
Saleh, A Prince of Malaya (first published 1926) this 3-book series, Have Keris, Will Travel, takes a stab at lapses in Malay history and folklore concerning present day Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Great Britain.
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Commenced in July 2020 in Camp NaNoWriMo: Knighton, a novella set on the Welsh Borders is a great story—that’s just waiting to be finished!

Originated in NaNoWriMo November 2020: In The Cards (after several name changes), is in development with my critique group band of merry writers —You know who you are, you’re the best! And shhh … there’s a secret (as in “agent”) consultant on board as well.

Short Stories Anthology:

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Confessions Of a Non-Malay Malay, delves into the heart of growing up mixed in a world where race is dictated by a document.
Nonfiction: What started as a flash-fiction novella, My Car Boot M.E. has come into its own in CNF with stories from Dubai, Qatar and Oman.